Solutions & Challenges

Wild Horse Solutions Mission Statement:

To develop and implement solutions to factors negatively impacting BLM horse herds in Oregon.

The wild horse challenges:

  • KWHWA026reducedBLM Wild Horse Program budget chronically under-funded
  • Wild horses removed from over 19 million acres of original Herd Areas (HMAs) designated in the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Protection Act.
  • Focus on gathers forces too many horses in long-term holding (LTH).
  • Livestock and wildlife competition on the range.
  • Excess emergency gathers due to water and forage issues.
  • Frequent gathers damage social structure of herds.
  • Low numbers of horses in many Herd Management Areas (HMAs) mean potential loss of genetic diversity.
  • Reduced adoption demand.

Wild Horse Solutions priorities:

  • ssteens gatherreducedSolicit private funds to assist Federal partners sustain herds on the range.
  • Solicit private partners to create more viable, regional long-term holding facilities for wild horses removed from the range.
  • Reduce number of emergency gathers by installing or improving water sources on existing Herd Management Areas.
  • Partner with other wild horse advocate groups for restoration of original HA and HMA acreage.
  • Work toward more balanced use of available forage on federal lands (wild horses consume only 5.6%).

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