About Wild Horse Solutions

The Beginning

BRITCHESFAMILY1reducedWild Horse Solutions was born in 2008 out of deep concern that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) had listed euthanasia of over 30,000 healthy wild horses in long-term holding as one option for controlling costs.Steens Mountain HMA-South Steens Herd This prompted a meeting with wild horse advocates, BLM, US Forest Service personnel and other concerned members of the public in Eastern Oregon. This gathering resulted in the creation of a solutions list, of which, some items have become the core of Wild Horse Solutions mission.

About Wild Horse Solutions – 2010

Burnscd1L-038reducedWe are an Oregon based 501c(3), non-profit organization actively pursuing collaborative efforts with the Bureau of Land Management and US Forest Service to Burns District HMA design and pilot private/public projects such as Challenge Cost Share Agreements to benefit the wild horses in Oregon that are:

  • Still on the range,
  • Removed from the range and in long-term holding.

Wild Horse Solutions-generated monies will not be used to supplement Federal General Budget items, or to offset Federal Budget reductions, but rather will be used to enhance mutually agreed upon specific projects, for example, solar powered wells, to benefit the wild horses.

And, into the future

Two Herd Management Area (HMA) locations in Oregon, have had repeated emergency gathers in the past few years due to lack of water; Beatys Butte in the Lakeview District, and Coyote Lake/Alvord Tule in the Vale District. Both districts are currently doing assessments to see where, when and how to improve the water sources. Wild Horse Solutions goal is to assist with these projects which will benefit over 600 mustangs.


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