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Central Oregon Wild Horse Coalition provides on this page as a service to owners and adopters of  previously adopted Mustangs that are looking for a new permanent home, either through a transfer of ownership or a lease agreement. Unfortunately horses can find themselves needing new homes for a variety of reasons, often due to changes in personal circumstances of their present owners.

This list exists as a point of contact and is a service offered to owners as a way improve the life of Titled Mustangs in their care. Entry on the list does not constitute a recommendation by the Central Oregon Wild Horse Coalition. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information given. We do ask that any health issues are stated. The list is the initial contact point between the current owner and future owner.  Central Oregon Wild Horse Coalition does not accept responsibility for any subsequent problems that arise with the re-homing process.  It is recommended that any lease agreement is properly documented and any transfer of ownership be completed registration papers.

Looking to Re-home an Mustang?

If you are the owner of a previously adopted Mustang (you must have Title in-hand) and would like to use our Rehoming List please fill out the form below … All listing expire in 90 days.  You may resubmit at that time.

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Disclaimer: By listing a horse this does not constitute a recommendation by Central Oregon Wild Horse Coalition or guarantee accuracy of that information. Central Oregon Wild Horse Coalition has no responsibility in any lease agreement, temporary loan or any form of gifting or transfer of ownership.

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