The Central Oregon Wild Horse Coalition is:

  • A locally-based, non-profit organization (501-C-3).
  • Consists of a Board of Directors and many volunteers who have proven their dedication and capability when asked to help the horses in specific ways.
  • In order to assist adopters, the Coalition has an established and growing network of trainers experienced with the challenges unique to wild horse training

What We Do:

  • Exist to ensure the welfare of wild horses within the Big Summit Herd Management Area in the Ochoco Mountains (This small herd is located on Ochoco National Forest land and is managed by the USDA Forest Service in accordance with the Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1972).
  • Accomplish such tasks as the annual census of the herd and assisting with the adoption placement of these horses as they are captured.
  • Sponsor adoption events and gentling clinics, with the objective of successful, long term relationships between adopters and wild horses regardless of the horses’ origin, in partnership with the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management. Need Help? If you want to know more about wild horses, how you can adopt a “wild one,” or if you need assistance with your adopted wild horse, please contact any of our Board members.

How You Can Help:

  • No need to become a member. The Board is always pleased to meet new volunteers and match skills with tasks and opportunities as they arise.
  • Feel free to join our email newsgroup at in order to stay more informed

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